Finding the End of the World

Book Cover

The book is a very comprehensive, unbiased, and controversial guide related to the end of the world including Jesus' return and the new age.

It's constructed in such a way as to lend itself to an individual or group study of end-of-the-world topics. Here's a short list of major topics the book presents in a literal, unbiased, complete, and provocative manner:

  • What faith truly is and why an understanding of Scripture is important to it.
  • How to study Scripture effectively.
  • Overview of the complete history of Israel and the temple.
  • The Antichrist, false prophet, future 'Babylon' - as a location and unfaithful bride, the Great Tribulation, makeup of the Antichrist's kingdom, and more . . .
  • God's chosen, the '144,000', those who'll be beheaded for their faith, and more . . .
  • Verse-by-verse study of the book of Daniel and Revelation.
  • Side-by-side comparison and study of the Mount of Olives discussion (Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21).
  • Introduction to other future prophecies and apocalyptic writings.
  • Each popular manmade end-times doctrine and associated challenges.

The book went to print in March 2011 and is available through all major outlets and from this website.

Additional Info:

  • Instructor's guide: This document has been created and posted to the PDF gallery on this site. Anyone wishing to conduct a full study by using the book "Finding the End of the World" will benefit greatly by using the companion.

  • Seminars and talks: I've created a Power Point presentation (roughly 190 slides) and student handbooks for use in conducting an 8-hour seminar based on the book "Finding the End of the World".

  • Instructional Videos: I hope to create these soon. The videos will be relatively short introductions to each of the sections based on Appendix A.2 of the book "Finding the End of the World" (group study template). The videos will be downloadable from this site for a nominal fee.

  • Revision: The first revision of Finding the End of the World is due by mid-2015. Based on considerable feedback and my own reviews, there'll be no significant changes, but I'll make the graphs and timelines more aesthetic and will fix minor grammatical issues.